Scuderia della Malaspina

This seminar will be given at Scuderie della Malaspina, Via Giulio Banfi 4, 20876 Ornago (MI). Costs: €100 No dates because of Corona For more info about the course:


the art

of riding


Natascha van Eijk, professional bitfit consultant, equine osteopath and founder of the International College for Professional Bitfit Consultants, is specialized in recognizing physical and psychological trauma in horses caused by the use of ill fitted bits. Among her customers are many national and international grand prix riders. ICPBC is the leading college when it comes to training equestrian professionals about the effects a bit can have on the horses biomechanics.


Also in Italy! A one day course bitfitting. Recognize signs and causes of bitfitting issues in one day. Registration or questions? Natascha van Eijk (English) Simone Elzinga ( (Italian)